(also known as “lazy yoga”)


Thai yoga is a unique combination of yoga, relaxation, meditation and energy work.

It is a holistic, comprehensive, sophisticated therapy used to calm the mind and restore the natural balance of the body. Its deeply relaxing qualities are especially beneficial for people, who suffer from a high level of stress.

The recipient wears comfortable clothing and lies down or is seated on a soft, thick mat. The practitioner guides the person through a series of yoga postures while massaging the muscles along the body’s energy lines and pressure points.

Thai Yoga helps to:

•       Dissolve muscular tension
•       Counteract physical and mental exhaustion
•       Release stress symptoms
•       Stop mind’s chatter
•       Reduce aches and pains
•       Increase energy level

The neurological response makes the organs work more efficiently,
immunity, digestion and circulation can improve.

It also helps to improve:
•       Posture
•       Breathing
•       Flexibility

    Each session lasts 60 minutes

    If you wish to arrange a private session of Thai Yoga, please contact
    Inga to discuss further +48 694 145 542 or