There are many different definitions of Meditation. Depending on culture and tradition meditation covers a wide range of practices. The one aspect, which is underlined in all definitions is QUIETING MIND.

My understanding and teaching mediation is based on a kind and relaxed approach. For me meditation is the way of letting go, unloading unnecessary burdens to experience peace, silence and clarity of the mind.

In the first stages of meditation, we train ourselves to be present at the moment and calm the mind. In further stages, we notice an expansion of stillness and eventually, we discover the true nature of the mind.




  • Relaxes body and mind
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and pain
  • Brings peacefulness
  • Increases concentration, self-esteem, creativity, depth of awareness and mindfulness
  • Clarifies the mind, which results in a better understanding of yourself
  • Changes attitude towards life. Brings acceptance, a feeling of calm and loving kindness


The main classification of meditation:


  • Concentrative: based on breath, sight and sound

In concentrative meditation, the meditator focuses the mind on a specific object (meditation support) and lets distraction go by. The aim of the practice is to still the ever-chattering mind.

  • Mindfulness meditation

The basis of mindfulness meditation is bringing the mind into the moment. It has no fixed object of focus. The mind develops the ability to see, to know and to understand what is happening. Mindfulness looks at whatever is passing through the mind and does not judge it.


Each meditation session lasts 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on individual needs and wishes, it can be combined with the practice of breathing techniques and/or asanas


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