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Always consult your Doctor before undertaking any exercise programme                   

Neither the editor or the publisher of this Web site can be held responsible for any injury, accident or damage resulting from ideas discussed within this web site

Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw



Try not to eat anything for at least 2 hours before practicing yoga

Wear comfortable clothing, which does not interfere with body movement

Yoga is practiced in bare feet - please take off your socks & shoes

Try to come to class a few minutes early

If you have  a specific health problem, please advise the teacher, in order that modification to postures can be undertaken, according  to your needs

Before entering class, try to leave your problems and worries outside

Use the time for yourself

Please have your mobile phone switched off during the yoga session

Do not compare yourself with anyone  else

Yoga is not competitive - work for yourself

Listen to your body - move in and out of postures with an awareness

Soon you will notice changes  in your body and mind

Do work to the edge of your ability. When you think you have reached  your limit, try to push a little further, leaving your comfort zone

However, as soon as you feel any pain or strain - stop immediately

Control breathing - always try to breath through your nose

Should you wish to ask questions during class, please do so

If you wish to speak to me privately, do not hesitate

I am also here to help

Try to practice some yoga everyday

Last, but not least, think positively and enjoy the practice






Do I need previous experience?

There is no need for previous experience, as you work to your own level, improving as you do more. My classes are in general mixed ability, so you never do more, that you feel comfortable .

What do I wear?

You need to wear comfortable clothing, which doesn’t restrict your movement.

No shoes are required as yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Do I need my own mat?

If you have a mat please bring it with you, If you prefer, you can use one of mine.

However to keep yourself warm and comfortable during relaxation, you can bring a pillow and a blanket.

Is it OK to eat before Yoga Practice?

In Yoga classes we twist, bend and stretch our bodies in ways that would be uncomfortable, if

your stomach is full. Try not to eat anything for at least 2 hours before practicing yoga (unless you are pregnant, in which case a small snack is fine).

I have an health issue, can I do yoga?

If you suffer from a serious medical condition, please consult your GP.

For specialist yoga e.g. pregnancy, post natal etc please review the appropriate section(s) above. If you have a specific health problem such as lower back pain or high blood pressure, please advise the teacher.