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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw


Student Comments.


Hi Inga,

I went to you pregnancy yoga classes from November through to March. Just wanted to let you know I had a baby boy and say thanks for the classes. I found them really useful and was practicing the breathing throughout the labour. It’s great that you run them especially when there is not much else going on for pregnant ladies in the area.

Thanks a lot!     Louise


Hi Inga,

My gorgeous girl Nyla was born on the 17th August and weighed a healthy 8lb 4oz!! She is so lovely. The labour was actually not that bad and I remembered all my yoga esp. the breathing techniques which made it so much easier! I really hope I get to see you again but wanted to thank you for all your support and wonderful yoga sessions that made me enjoy my pregnancy and labour so much more than I anticipated.

Thank you again       Love Payal



I love yoga, it is my favourite (sport).

It means a lot to me, because sometimes I get a bit grouchy, but if  I do yoga at that time, I cool down.

It makes me feel cool, relaxed, calm, soft , gentle and many more ways.

I love yoga, it is the best - a lot better than the rest.

I feel joyful, not rough. I just want people not to spoil it.

                                          Maisie Blewitt   - Year 5   St. Peters Primary School

Yoga is a great philosophy, by which to live your life.

It helps us to be kinder and gentler to others and less selfish and aggressive.

Well done Inga your doing a great job.

A time to forget any worries and problems and to keep my body moving before it siezes up. Thank you - Inga

Yoga means joyfulness & inner peace.

Inga is a professional person at her job. I enjoy the yoga class very much.

Inga is a lovely person.

Yoga means time & space to reflect on my physical, emotional and spiritual welfare.

A chance to enjoy movement in a supportive atmosphere.

I look forward to beginning the next term

Keeps me supple and gives me a feeling of general well being

Time to myself and relaxation

It gives me a feeling of well being and calm as well as helping to keep muscles strong and the body flexible

Yoga makes me more flexible and calm.
It offers me inward understanding and quietness
Inga - your the best - Thanks         Mr Smith