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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw


Student Comments cont.


Hello Inga!
Hope you remember me Emotikon smile I miss pregnancy yoga so much! I have sent you a letter via e-mail with my birth giving story, but I'm not sure if it had reached you. I would like to share it with you and girls from english yoga group Emotikon smile
I'm very glad to announce you, that on 12th of February my beautiful baby girl Auguste was born. She weighted 3695g and was 50cm of height. The birth went incredibly smoothly. At 11.30 p.m I felt first stronger contractions, so started swinging and rotating my pelvis sitting on a ball to relieve the pain. At about 2 a.m. we were on a road to hospital with regular contractions. When we arrived to the hospital I was already dilated 4 cm, then 15 minutes later my water broke and all the hard work began Emotikon smile The contractions quickly got really painful and deep breathing, cat pose and rotating pelvis really helped me to relieve the pain. As well as my husbands massages Emotikon smile After 3 hours of intensive contractions I felt the 8 cm crisis, but also the breathing technique I've learning during yoga helped me to deal with it. So at about 6.15 a.m. the second stage of birth began. With the help of my husband I started to push the baby in standing position, it was so much easier than doing it lying on my back. And finally 6.45 a.m my little princess was laid on my belly.

Incredible feeling!
I didn't need epidural anesthetic to relieve the pain, thank's to You and yoga lessons Emotikon smile Also I didn't need an episiotomy and only have some stitches on the surface layer of skin. So to sum up, I felt self confident and really everything went great - the whole birth took only a bit more than 7 hours, I have to admit, I didn't expect everything going so fast Emotikon smile My baby girl also got good rating: 9-10 by Apgar scale.
So I would like to say Thank's a lot to you! This yoga experience was really great and helpful. Also I wish all the best to other girls, who's babies are still in their bellies. By the way, I'm very interested how is Denisse? Does she have a boy or a girl?
Best wishes from Lithuania,   Toma



Hi Inga

You may not remember me as I attended your pregnancy yoga classes up to my last one in December 2010. I have been meaning to email you for ages and I am sorry that I have only just got round to it. I had our baby daughter who is our second child in January at home as we had had hope for just using the golden thread breath and some gas and air. The experience was so different from my first labour. I felt much calmer, more in control and much more relaxed. As I said I planned to have a home birth always with the thought that if I had to go to the hospital the so be it. Everything went to plan, the labour was pretty quick and with the help of the golden thread breath and birthing pool it was so much easier. I wanted to thank you for what you taught me in your classes and let you know that it made such a big difference to my attitude towards labour, my eventual labour and the relaxed way in which our daughter entered the world.

Thank you        S.Edwards

Hi Inga,

Just to let you know that Dylan was born on 15 February.  Thanks for all your tips and advice, it must have paid off because I managed the entire labour and birth with 2 paracetamol and golden thread breath alone!           Best wishes   Sarah


Dear Inga,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a little girl, Sadie Laura on 11th January.  I can’t believe she is 4 weeks old already- the time has gone very fast!  I had a great labour (well, as “great” as labour can be!) Went into hospital at 9pm and had her just after 11pm.  I managed with just gas and air and lots of yoga breathing and I had her in a kneeling up position at the end of the bed.

Hope you are well and all the mummies to be are well too.       L.ove Madeline


Hi Inga,

I just wanted to let you know about our new arrival - baby Holly. She is perfect and we are all very happy and doing well. I really think that everything we learnt in you classes was very beneficial, so thank you.        Thanks again Helen