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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw



Many years ago, I started to complain about back pain.

One of my friends suggested trying yoga to solve the problem.

At that time I did not know anything about yoga, except that it is generally good for you. Yoga seemed to me some kind of secret, mystical experience with the added ability of putting your legs around your neck.


The first ever class I attended, I did not like at all. The movements were limited and the teacher seemed very formal and serious - I thought that perhaps yoga was not for me!.

However, something was telling me, not to give up so easily, but to try another yoga teacher.

I contacted the British Wheel of Yoga (National Governing Body for Yoga in the UK) and was given the contact details for Mr Ken Simmonds - a local teacher.

Years later I found out that Ken used to be the President of the BWY.


I went to his class. What a charming and calm person he was.

His way of teaching was exactly what I was looking for - both inviting and friendly.

Mr Simmonds had an amazing approach to teaching. He always reminded his students that everyone should work to the edge of their personal limitations.

Bearing this in mind, every day I would gently push my limits and my body would slowly respond and become more flexible.

What was more important was that my back pain slowly melted away.

I loved the idea of simply being attuned to my body’s own limits and not competing or measuring myself  against anyone else.

At first I only concentrated on the physical part of yoga. However with time,

I started to pay more attention to other aspects of yoga. Controlled breathing, relaxation and meditation became very important. It was only then, that

I started to realise what yoga was all about - a true union of body mind & spirit.

Every day this ancient and holistic discipline appealed to me more and more.

Sadly in 2003 Ken suddenly passed away. I felt such sadness.


It was so difficult to accept that he is no longer with us.

Ken had an amazing aura of calm, sensitivity and positive energy.

His teaching was hugely inspiring - I learned so much from him.

At that point I started to think of passing this knowledge on and finally decided to become a Yoga Teacher.

Teacher continued .