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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw



Yoga works alongside the government’s initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle for children and to tackle child obesity.   


Weekly Yoga classes can be set up within school time, after school or special event classes (sports day, summer fete etc)


Each class lasts 45 minutes  and includes:

physical exercise, yoga games, breathing and relaxation techniques


Typically a school class may contain a large number of children.

I would in this case suggest the following options:


1) Run one yoga class with half the class, giving the class teacher time to spend with the other half of the class, after which they could change over


2) Half of the class are taught one week and the other half is taught the following week



If you wish to arrange a taster session at your school or nursery, please contact Inga



Improves strength, flexibility, posture and balance

Teaches body and breath awareness

Builds confidence, self-esteem and tolerance

Improves learning ability, concentration and focus

Releases imagination and creativity

Soothes emotions

Teaches ethical and moral rules

In today’s demanding and hectic life, yoga class offers a quiet space, where children can rest and relax

Yoga class can help to put a structure to a child’s life, giving him/her a sense of stability

Most of all, yoga takes a child on a journey of self discovery

Children are perceptive, open-minded, enthusiastic, curious  and willing to try new things. That’s the beauty of being a child and perhaps the reason why yoga works so well for children.   

Yoga class for Nursery Children lasts 30 minutes

Each class includes physical exercise, yoga games, breathing and relaxation

Costs £30.00 / session (up to 12 children)

All yoga mats & blocks provided