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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw


POSTNATAL YOGA (class for mother and baby)

Postnatal Yoga session is held every WEDNESDAY 11.30 - 12.130 at St.Sophia Hospital

Mums (6 weeks after the natural delivery or 8 after CC) with babies are welcome to join



Giving birth transforms women’s lives in profound and often unexpected ways.

During this important time in your life, through relaxation and breathing techniques, as well as physical exercise, Yoga offers a gentle & effective route to postnatal recovery.



Provide a nurturing practice for mother and baby

Bond with your baby

Re-build strength and vitality

Re-align the body and posture

Regain stability especially in the pelvic area

Restore the uterus, abdomen & pelvic floor

muscles in order to prevent womb prolapse

Relieve shoulder, neck & back discomfort

Alleviate fatigue and tiredness

Bring emotional stability, Rest & Relax   

Each postnatal yoga class lasts 60 minutes and includes:

Physical Exercise - Breathing Techniques - Relaxation


This a relaxed and informal class and therefore there is no need to worry if your baby needs to feed or sleep during the Yoga session. Take time out with your baby when you need to and join back in when you are ready.


Previous yoga experience is not necessary.

Clothing: comfortable clothing, which does not restrict your movement.

Equipment: yoga mats & blocks provided. Bring a blanket and cushion if you wish for relaxation.

ADDITIONAL POINTS TO CONSIDER - while practising postnatal yoga


Do NOT compare yourself or your baby to any one else. Yoga is NOT competitive

Do NOT do any abdominal work till 6 weeks after a vaginal birth and eight weeks after caesarean birth. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscle  before starting abdominal work; otherwise you could create too much pressure in the pelvic floor area, which could lead to pain and complications

Do NOT practice deep twists until all the inner organs are held back in place in the pelvis

Do NOT practice standing asanas until at least 3 weeks after birth

Do NOT practice a wide stance until you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Do NOT postpone relaxation, because of tasks that need to be done


Should you wish to ask questions during class, please do so

If you wish to speak to me privately, do not hesitate - I am here to help

Last, but not least think, positively, relax and enjoy