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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw



“Birth Rehearsal” workshop is designed for expectant mothers and their birthing partners.

Childbirth is a natural event for most women, but for men it is often a challange.

The Workshop offers the opportunity to gain knowledge and practical skills to cope with the hardship and joy of childbirth, from the first contraction until birth.

The future mother and partner will learn the yogic techniques, which in a simple and effective way, can influence the comfort and safety of the delivery

During the workshop there is a bit of theory and lots of practice:


    We follow the stages of childbirth

    We practice different birthing positions

    We focus on the role and the impotance of breath

    We practice breathing techniques

    We learn yogic practices to help cope with labour pain

    We discuss the role of the birthing partner and focus on his/her active participation

    We experience relaxation and visualisation techniques, which are extremely helpful

    We talk about birth, not just from a physiological point of view, but from an

     emotional one also


The best time to attend the workshop is the third trimester (between 32 and 37 weeks)

To participate in the workshop, practice of prenatal yoga is not necessary


Duration of the workshop is 3 hours

It is held every 4 - 6 weeks  normally in Polish

It can also be arranged  in English


If you would like to attend a private Birth Rehearsal workshop in English

please contact

Inga  M: 694 145 542    or