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Yoga at św.Zofia Hospital in Warsaw


My approach

My approach to yoga relates to:

    awareness & acceptance

    softness & tension relief

    integration & balance

    tolerance & openness

    joyfulness & lightness




My teaching is based on my knowledge and experience.

Everything I am offering to my students, I have practiced myself.

However, everyone is different and unique and therefore I strongly recommend my students to test each practice before incorporating it in their routine.

Each of my classes is a combination of physical posture (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation or meditation.

These are practiced in a relaxed and non-competitive atmosphere.

Everyone works within their personal ability, which ranges from gentle to challenging to advanced.

If you are looking for an aerobic-like or strong breath-taking purely physical experience; most probably my classes are not suitable for you.

I encourage my students to practice even the most challenging and advanced poses in a soft and releasing way.

There are several key aspects of my yoga teaching:

1. The purpose of Yoga

Ask yourself “Why do I practice Yoga?”

Try to learn the reason behind each action and notice the result of your practice. Challenge your teachers’ opinions.

Try things on your own.

Be curious, explore and discover.


2. An awareness

Yoga is not a system of physical exercise; it’s a mindful observation of every layer of being and acting accordingly. Body and mind are inseparable.

Every feeling and thought is inprinted in our physical structure.

The body and mind you have now, is the accumulation of all your previous experiences. Through life we habituate a range of behavioural patterns and embody feelings, which are maintained as a background for all our future actions.

Through awareness we get to know ourselves better. We are able to register and acknowledge unwanted habitual patterns and with the use of yogic tools, we can make valuable changes.


3. Willingness to change

Everything changes - everything is on a constantly ongoing process of renewing, unfolding and evolving. We can choose to fight it or go with the flow and simply welcome forthcoming changes.

Yoga gives us tools to invite and allow changes to happen.

Some of us are content with what we have; some are less fortunate.

Sometimes our body structure (physical, emotional and mental) is out of balance.

We feel uncomfortable simply because we cling to old habits and old ways of thinking.



My approach continued.